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from costume Asuka Langley Soryu
DayDreamerNessa It took me so long to finally cosplay asuka. I’ve always had dreams of doing her plugsuit first, and so her other outfits were kinda pushed aside.

But as the years passed I never ended up making her plugsuit due to its difficulty. I finally decided you know what I should get over it and just MAKE something of hers. So I did!

I chose the sundress because it’d be easy to make and wear. I used 2 different patterns, a dress pattern I folded short to make the bodice, and a basic skirt. Made my own tubing to make straps out of and ties together. The dress is fully lined and is great to wear!

I did forgo the detail asuka’s dress has and opted not to gather the waistline. My fabric was on the heavier side, and I did a couple of tests of it gathered and did not like how it looked, because it was a heavier fabric the gathers kinda laid flat and didn’t hold much shape.

Painted old watch red. The synch clips were bought, choker is just blue ribbon that Velcro’s, and shoes were purchased.