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from costume Generic Thief
BisectedBrioche This is the Thief's pouches a bit further along.

I've nearly finished stitching up the main body; all that remains to be done is add the second set of velcro catches (which are currently stuck to the first for safe keeping, as you can see) and add the sides so I can finally make it pouch shaped.

After that I can just finish off the sides with a quilt stitch or something and it'll be ready.
  • hedgehog92 Oh my lord do these actually work?! I am insanely jealous of the forethought you put into this. I never make pockets and it's doom. But you... *bows* You are a god. 12 years ago
  • maggifan Keep up the good work! :D 12 years ago
  • ~H~ Looking good! Aren't costumes with functioning pockets wonderful? ^_^ 12 years ago