Mao_Melissa's image
from costume Serah Farron
Mao_Melissa Shoes - lucky Goodwill find, I love that they have the white heel patch and trim above the sole, I think they'll be great to modify into her sneakers. Soles were blackened with sharpies

Black Jeggings from Target - not as opaque as tights and they have that nice fishnet looking weave if you're up close. I'm going to modify these and possibly use the Scunci no slip headbands to hold the thigh highs up. The silver belting from JoAnn's will conceal them.

Plaid skirt fabric was found in JoAnn's quilting section and will be dyed with liquid Rit. Their website has fantastic formulas for getting the color you want! I will use fabric paint to get those extra lines into the plaid.

Pink chiffon is also from JoAnn's special occasion fabrics.
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