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Ononoke ..because extremely blurry photos are awesome! I wanted to upload this one anyway. So basically these are all of our close friends/roomies at Youmacon.. IN COSTUME! Yeah.. Awesome crazy random group.

From Left to right!

Seras Victoria- Me
Terra- FullMoonBunny
Rei- Kayla somethingsomething
Gunner Yuna- Christine
Al- Rynn
Sleepy Naruto- Joe somethingsomething (I dont know their screenames xD)
  • Rynn ZOMG THAT ED IS SO GOOD!!!11 16 years ago
  • Forcebewitya awesome 16 years ago
  • Jia Jem HAHA! This is kind of how my vision was all friday night... :P 16 years ago
  • effembee lik omg who is that awesum seraz she was soooo kewl 16 years ago
  • Shining Polaris I am SOOO mad too! This was out real group pictures! Dammit! Who took this pic! 16 years ago
  • Rynn Man I'm so mad this picture didn't turn out! I have to say we were the most random group at Youmacon. : D AND I LOVE US! 16 years ago