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from costume Sailor Moon
Straywind One of my favourite shots from a quick shoot that I did with SolarTempest at Otakuthon back in the summer.

I had such a blast Cosplaying Sailor Moon! She's my favourite Sailor Scout. :3

My fuku was made by Ammie and my wig was made by HezaV. Check my costume description page for a full list of where I purchased various accessories.
  • MCYE I reconize the wall of the Palais des Congrès :P 9 years ago
  • Earthychan That would be so awsome if we could meet up! My other friends are going as Moon and Jupiter. :) 9 years ago
  • Earthychan You look just like her! Are you going to Anime North 2013? Im going as Sailor Mars! 9 years ago
  • MCYE WOW !! The costume is Awesome! All the details! Good job! ;) PS: Did you were at the Otakuthon? 9 years ago