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from costume Mega Absol
KhalDevon Why : I wanted to make a costume with wings, this is what happened! Absol had the coolest looking mega evolution and it had wiiiings!

How: I made this costume out of white fur, black fashion rope and white military garbardine. I took white pants and made them into cut-offs and used the jean material and leftover fur to make the anklets so I looked very ninja-esque. The claws and horns are air-clay are attatched using various methods from hot glue to velcro to simple duct tape. The wings are made out of foam and I liked the way they looked with Black tips instead of being all-white. Also! The strip of fur that is running off my shoulder like a scarf and the black fabric on my jeans are to hide stains! I put them on last minute after accidentally spilling Starbucks on myself -_- IT ONLY MADE MY COSTUME COOLER!

I love this costume and it's super comfortable to wear! I like looking super anonymous in costumes like this and my Assassin because no one knows who I am underneath the mask and hood! I was so worried I would be mistaken for a pony with my horns and wings as the con I was going to had a strong Brony following, but I was super wrong! People even knew that I was Mega Absol as opposed to his unevolved counterpart :)
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