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from costume Tali'Zorah
ammnra More Tallus Progress :
Lots more work (Neck, Back, Legs, Fit tweaks, etc) still needed but this costume has officially been upgraded from "Bad Idea Never to be Finished" to "Actually Could Be Pimp"

I'm surprised the whole thing is "working"... compared to the initial test shots, this is a huge improvement. At one point, I was ready to scrap the vest, tallus coat, and perhaps the whole project.
Many design debates still rage internally. I'll need to figure them out soon if I'm taking this to SDCC.

Tallus - The Quarian Bouncer
Biggest. Quarian. Evar.
  • YueYing keep the good working. 10 years ago
  • Blue Leader It's lookin' great to me! Keep up the awesome work. 10 years ago