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ashe2kawaii I was looking for a tutorial on DA, but eventually gave up in the sea of images. So i found an old glove i bought,modified the pattern of it to fit my measurements and went from there.

The first try was way to small for my arm, so that was when i had to wip out computer paper and make my own pattern based on the gloves. Second time (This shot here) came out a lot better, but i misjudged the length and didn't have it as long as i desired. I also need to make the forearm a little smaller, but besides that glove alone i was happy with how turned out. I will try another go at it with the proper length, and modify the forearm a bit. When i succeed i'll post my pattern and give a tutorial as best as i can. (*u*)b
  • LinkPwnsGanon You gotta seriously teach me on how to make these! I need to make like the same thing for my Zelda cosplay! 9 years ago