I'm totally lacking the ability to make up creative titles right now, so...yeah. Here's my Malon costume from Anime Central 2006. It's sort of hard for me to tell whether I look evil or innocent in this picture. I love all of the different shades of purple this shot managed to capture. <3

Costume by me, Limebarb, and Jia Crens
Photo by Limebarb

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time
12 years ago

Sana-chan So pretty =)

PikminLink cute malon, i wish we could have gotten pics together.

Jaquii PikminLink~ I wish we could have too. I hope that somehow I'll be able to get TP pics with you somehow, lol. AX desu! ^o^

OrdonLink your costume is awesome and your wig is nice! ^_^ also i love your facial expression XD

Shirayuki Beautiful~~

Robo Jing I suck at comming up with titles too~ XD You have the perfect malon hair and hair color! And everything else about the costume is great as well.

puddle_jumper That is a wonderful Malon!

sektor_ki MALON!! *w* it bring me good memories, excelent costume, you look great

NiGHTmaren Awww, you're such a perfect Malon!

Dali-Lamb dude...the colors *.* you are such a great Malon! I can't wait for ACEN to see your totally awesome TP Zelda!! and, yeah, making titles suck! I hate coming up with them :P ~Dali-Lamb

AllStarAlice Colors, colors, everywhere!!!

neoangelwink soo cute ^_^

MasterSwordette everything looks good, I expect you to start singing now ^^ you look like you could've come right from Ocarina of Time *thumbs up*

JulianMoore aawwwwww *_*

InkyLink You look incredible. I absolutely love your costume. Keep it up! -InkyLink

The-Real-Link Not only a pretty costume but really nice flower beds! I don't know why I didn't comment on this before... Sweet.

Tranquility You are such a cute Malon! <3

Rice Ball Kirby OMG i hate you!! your wayyyy to cute in this pic!! good job ^^