Ryuugekitai Recruiting Poster

Ryuugekitai Recruiting Poster

Dilandau is looking for a few good DragonSlayers. (Yes, I actually am looking for more "minions" for group cosplay. It does require tailoring skills - I can provide construction suggestions, but I will NOT provide the sweatshop. :P )

(...Before you ask, I DO have permission from ImageCraft to post this pic. ~__^)

Dilandau Albatou
The Vision of Escaflowne
Dilandau Albatou
15 years ago

SeraMuun whoot! your finally posting pics! its about time! Awesome CG ^_^

Chosuke Awesome! With a dilandau like that on the picture,who WOULDN'T want to join? xD

otakutre Sign me up! I want to be a minion! ^_^

PikminLink i love this pic..its soo cool^^..hehe i would be interested^_^

Spooky Brew Interested? Oh yeah...

Efecss Not bad, but you look too "friednly" for Dilandau. If you had a psychotic look when doing it, it would be more authentic. [i]And I won't pull your finger....[/i]

Karisu-sama Oh, I can do psychotic... but c'mon: how many recruits would actually sign up if the Zaibach Propaganda Division let them know what they were REALLY selling their souls to?? It's SUPPOSED to look "friendly". >:} And don't you even. Heh.

kyandi-chan *pulls finger and explodes* i really wish i lived in the area...I am SO wanting to join. darn texas...its so hot here! I always wanted to see more DragonSlayers, and maybe even Van and his crew. You're dreamy cosplay mum, absolutely dreamy ^_^

Hitori I luv this costume, from a costume standpoint. But I know next to nothing about the series^.^;; If this is acceptable, and you're still looking for minions, let mi know^_^

PepeluTivursky Mmmm .... Evil Minons...

Yakuza03 You have inspired me to do a propoganda poster (I know it's supposed to be for recruiting) for the Shin-Ra Corp.

Fatwetdog Heh... what a great poster. You still looking?

Chibi Kyo AHHHHHHH DILANDAU!!!!!!!! I wanna join can I join!!! I'll work till the end Dilandau-sama!^___~

Cicatrice I love you. xD

Dilandau I'M GOOD ENOUGH,I'M GOOD ENOUGH!!!!!!><!! WERE DO I SIGN UP!!!! XD love the costume , I made a Dilandau, series version but it wound have never came out like yours !!!T.T

Gackt/Kenshin Hmm... This looks vaguely familiar. Can't place where from though. ^^ NICE NICE NICE job. HILARIOUS!! I'm already joined, but thanks for supporting your local Ryuugekitai. Perhaps you could tell me how to do one of those wonderful armor upgrades you're wearing? Signed, Your Alter-Ego

Crystalike Hehehehehehehe. <3

neo_winggoddess You have to be the most authentic-looking Dilandau I've seen! Nice job!

animetomboy sooooo perfect!!! *___*