Let me cure you...

Let me cure you...

That's a play on words, seeing as how the character I'm dressed up as is called "Remedy". I hope you all thought it was as clever as I did. XD

costume by limebarb, beading by limebarb and me
photo by Kyle

Queen Remedy
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Queen Remedy
Queen Remedy
12 years ago

Grey Finch Wow, cool! I always appreciate a good FFT cosplay! Great job :D

PikminLink i was just thinking of this costume of yours. and it looks really cool

Terumi Very nice job! Love the prop and wig <3

Rynn JAQUIIII you are freaking gorgeous! I love the colors in this shot!

Hametsu no Kaze looks lovely!

The-Real-Link That's nice!

NytenGale you're so casualy cute! you don't need to try! grreat cos!

Puricu God Jackie that doesn't even look like you. :3

pegasusmaiden great cosplay and image.