@Saturn Neko
Lady Subaru
Lady Subaru
11 years ago

Hikaru-Jan You're a very pretty Lady Subaru! That wig looks good on you. ^^

Catzilerella Great pose you look wonderful! So beautiful! ♥♥♥

geckochan Very pretty! Really suits you ^_^

† Wolfwood † Make a sweet Subaru, nice pose.

BakaBabe Sooo pretty ! niice job! blue hair totally suits ya :P

camilliette How gorgeous. *__* Well done. :3

ako_pah Wow...Beautiful costume and your wig look so real........(*,*)

Albel-Nox What a great pic *___* I'm so in love with it.

Nooby Banana I'm in love with your costume. *__* And the pose is really neat!

jinglebooboo you look so perty!!!! like jealous perty, i really adore the pose and the expression on your face. beautifully executed cosplay missy

PsychoLove This is a beautiful shot; not to mention a beautiful costume. You did great all around!