Ferril love!

Ferril love!
@ska beam

This is an oldy ^-^ Wish I had more good pictures of that shoot *-* Like this picture doh ^-^ I look a bit spooky, I gues I was getting into the character ^-^ haha, no I was actually was trying to block the sun ^-^

By the way, we (me and my sweet boyfriend) made a website!!!! Hooray ^-^ sjoukjederoo.com
The website is still to be worked on, but we are trying are best ^-^ Time is all we need

BloodRayne 2
13 years ago

Kiii_chan I totally love this cosplay of yours! *___* so cool! :D

Elsch I really like that costume, looks great! ^^ The wig is really impressive. ^^

ska beam Thank you both dears ^-^ Yes the wig was some work, but I liked it too ^-^ *hugs dears*

Lady Tyrona omg...runs away *is she gone?*......great cosplay gorgeous photo.

Lady_DMC3 awesome...O__O

-Naraku- i love it...how do you was make it? its so great

etaru Very sexy, I love your wig-styling best!^^

BaraChan Rei I really love this costume, and I still fail to understand how you covered your privates so seamlessly! XD sooooooooooo curiooooooooous!!! I love it! You're the best ^_^

Bloodraynebabe You are amazing I love you... A am a rayne addict!