I distinctly smell the pharomones of golden bugs on you!

I distinctly smell the pharomones of golden bugs on you!

Hahaha, that's totally one of my favorite lines from "Twilight Princess"...

So this is my Malon costume that I wore at Anime Central 2006. Limebarb, Jia Crens, and I made it. :3

Photo by Limebarb.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time
12 years ago

celestial Ceres Great shot ^^

P. Python cute ^^

GorgeousAstro Wonderful shot! You look just like Malon!!

Lady Mana Lovely picture =) You make such a great Malon =D

Elsch such a pretty shot. ^^

The-Real-Link Very pretty!

Forcebewitya awesomness!

lilylighting Beautiful! I love the embrodery (sp?). Everything looks so well made! You've inspired me for when I make my Malon! Thank you for that :D

GyrfalconAH64D this is awesome good job!

Arroyo You look great with red hair. Malon is such a charming character and you really do her justice. OoT is my favorite! : D But to answer your question, yeah, its like, a more original interpretation now...I planned on going by what it looked like in game and by looking at other cosplayers and LOZ pictures, but I kind of got...Carried away, I guess. I think it will look much better with the complete dress and stuff. Once more, I thank you for your input and comments. You're really nice and have great cosplays.

manolo-kun malooooooooooooon u r a cute malon