Twilight Preview~

Twilight Preview~

So, as many of you know, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was released today (I bet you're all having fun herding blue sheep and getting really agrivated with Minda right now :3).

I was planning on having my entire Princess Zelda costume finished by the release of the game, but sadly, it's still not done. ;_; I was all like, "omg, I'll post a pic of my costume on the day Twilight Princess comes out!". Seeing as how I can't, I'm posting this collage of progress pictures of the gloves, front panel, and dress. I'm sorry that the quality of the pictures suck; my digital camera is a piece of crap and I only had photo-impression to attempt to touch up the ridiculously dark lighting.

The gloves in this shot had to be discarded due to a freak accident with a seam ripper. While that means that a very decent chunk of beading had to be discarded, I feel as though I've improved on the new ones that I've made. The beading is much cleaner! :D

While we're on the subject of beading, everything in this picture is beaded and embroidered (which makes me happy in an obsessed sort of way, lol). This costume is sort of like an Amano costume, just not final fantasy. XD

I will be SO happy once I'm finally able to wear this; this has been an ongoing source of melodrama for YEARS now...

This will be debuted at Otakon 2008! :D

Princess Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
12 years ago

Angathol Wow, so much beading! It looks fantastic!

kiwi_lady so freaking amazing O_O; I would love to see this when its complete ~~

summoner_eilidh Wow, looks absolutely fantastic so far! Wonderful beading. Can't wait to see this finished...

Stripper Vash I heard about what you wrote along the outside of this...... You are a NERD!

Jaquii StripperVash: ...what??

JiggyJigen Great detailing! Patience ^^

Sana-chan Oh wow! That is so pretty! What a good idea! Awesome, awesome job!

ParnsAngel You. Are insane XD That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! You should keep a tally of how many people come up to you at wherever you wear that and go @[email protected] Cause I think I would sit there and stare at it for like half an hour and you'd have to be like *kickick* moooooooooooooove XD Lovelydovely!!!!!!!! :D

Jaina Solo That is AWESOME. It hurts to look at in an AWESOME WAY. Those beads are painfully TERRIFIC. A+++++++++++++ :DDDDD

-Naraku- wow.....this work must be hard.....and harder! o.O REALLY GOD WORK! I can't waiting for a picture, where you wearing this!

Miyabi- Oh my goodness!! That's so incredibly beautiful!! O_O I totally commend your patience on that! I can't wait to see the entire thing, I know I'm going to totally fangirl! ^_^

Scruffy Rebel wow that is stunning! What a lot of work ;_;

kyandi-chan My brain officially exploded into ten billion pieces of thoughts of "awesome" when I saw this. Now my brain is going OMFG AWESOME SHINY BEADS and it can't stop thinking about this, let alone piece back my head. Srsly, I can't wait for it to be complete!!!

SeishinKibou Woah!~ You must of had some patience beading that! =O Looks absolutely gorgeous! ^o^

Gwydion I love all of the beading! It looks likes it's coming along beautifully! I hope you do get to finish this for Ohayocon - I'd love to see it in person!

Princess_Zelda Ohhhh! Shiny! Beading is sooooo fun, but tiring T_T But I really love how this all turned out ^_^

Jaquii Princess_Zelda: I actually find beading to be quite relaxing

The-Real-Link Gah! I think I can agree with everyone else when they say their brain exploded from the beading... 1 bead, 2 beads, 3 beads... heh no there must be a good couple thousand there alone but ... Wow! Ohayocon 07' will rock. Otherwise, you probably know how I feel about this...

Lady Mana Wow! *_* You have done a fantastic job so far, I cannot wait for you to finish this costume! Hurrays for beads! You are one patient cosplayer ;D

Lady Morwen WOOOAH wicked awesome-ness!

PrincessKatie thats incredible, i wanna learn how to apply beads! i recently finished my twilight princess costume, but theres always room for improvement as far as detailing, thanks, you've suddenly inspired me! keep up the good work!

ErinTheHalfABee That is absolutely beautiful!

Dali-Lamb DUDE.....AMAZING.....period..... O.O I can't wait to see you in this---at ACEN, perhaps? I'm so gonna kill you with my thirty million camera flashes >:D and yeah, herding those little butting jerks is awesome ~Dali-Lamb

Elsch This is totally awesome~ ^0^

NytenGale beady bling yo!!! xDD you're gonna be simply smashing!!! *gently hugs you in your cosplay* what prompted you to do this all in beads?? luv it!

Jaquii NytenGale~ I wanted to do all of this crazy beading/costume as a tribute to the LOZ series and to Zelda's character. :3 I've been a LOZ fan for a really long time and Princess Zelda is my favorite character. I also really wanted to do a spazmodically beaded costume/amanoy costume, but I've never had a huge interest in Final Fantasy (rather I've never gotten a chance to play the games). Actually, when you think about it, Zelda's a princess and would be able to afford dresses/outfits with hundreds of hours worth of beading put into them.

Jia Jem oh, too bad I had to spill 409 all over this... ;_; JAQUII SHALL SMITE ME

Michela I am disappointed in myself for not commenting before, but I shall now. ^_^ The beading on your Princess Zelda gown is a gorgeous achievement. I cannot wait to see the completed costume!

ZoraLink hehe-i love that...

simonsaz3 ZOMG.... *gasp* wow.... *speechless* More picturezzzzz!! =D

Miki-san OMG! such dedication! the result will be stunning im sure!

Zoroko please tell me that you don't sew one bead at a time with this....x___x this looks so AMAZINg~!

Jaquii For the crystal beads on the inside designs of the dress pleats, I actually strung between 1-5 beads together (which is still really time consuming), but other than that, yes, one bead at a time :3

Mimiwu That's amazing, whoa. o__o

Zoroko LOL I was hoping you were going to wear this to ACEN! *really wanted to see pics of the finished piece*

Jaquii <b>Zoroko</b>~ I can't tell you how sad I was not to wear this at ACen. Technically, the costume <i>is</i> done, but even with working on it incesicently for three days before the con (after finals...ugh...) without sleep, I couldn't finish a number of smaller tasks (i.e. sewing straps to the dress, adding little vines to the base of the tiara, etc.) or the beading. At about 2:30 on Saturday, I gave up. So the costume is pretty much done, but I won't be posting pictures for another couple weeks~

Zoroko Can't rush a masterpiece!~ ^O^ Heheh~

AkoRedfield Wow !!

Fluffydragon84 Holy crap!! hand beading? everything? wow.. makes me want to go back and re-do my midna cloak and skirt in beads.. wow.. that's just amazing..

Serafima *falls over* B-beading? wow!

Tifakiki7 It is just amazing. But you have a very valid point about a princess wearing a gown full of hours and hours of bead work. I think you definitely did justice for Princess Zelda with this--the whole costume is incredible and your dedication to it makes it that much more amazing.

HaruVamp omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats amazing o.o!!!!!!!!!

Serephita ...this is so beautiful. I think I would have cried and given up if I tried to do this.

devious-tofu I saw you at Ohayocon, but my camera had run out of batteries so I couldn't take a picture. D8> I had no idea about all of the beadwork that went into this until I read your description of the costume... so amazing!! All of your hard work paid off though in your gorgeous costume. I hope to see this costume at a future con, so I can appreciate all the details. <3

bornahorse Wow... this is crazy in the most awesome way possible. I'm jealous. >.> I had briefly entertained the thought of beading before, but then realised how many times I'd have to rethread the needle if the bead hole was too small to fit over it... unless they sell really thin beading needles?

`Difficile You are somethin' else, my dear. o_o That is gorgeous.

Hylian_knight* I LOVE YOU

rina579 Oh my Gosh! O____O I'd like to have such patience. xD Really great!

swingpickle You beaded your dress and you're saying that mine will take forever! haha. Your dress is absolutely amazing!!! I hope mine looks good when it's done.

Karla F R E A K !! But its the most great job I ever seen in Zelda , congratulations