Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z

Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z

For once the pleats in the skirts are showing up a bit more clearly defined...I wanted to have the pleats flare at the hem like in some of the references, and I didn't quite manage to achieve what I was after, but they do taper out a bit.

Bubbles - me
Blossom - Mewski
Buttercup - summoner_eilidh

All three costumes made by me, belts by Odangochan, and credit to her for this photo too!

Bubbles (Miyako Goutokuji), Blossom (Momoko Akatsutsumi) & Buttercup (Kaoru Matsubara)
The Powerpuff Girls Z
Bubbles (Miyako Goutokuji)
Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z
12 years ago

Delusional I loved the way you three looked, and even though I'm not really familiar with the series they looked spot on from the pics I've seen. I'm mucho impressed by the wigs more than anything, and that giant bow of doom :D Kudos for flashing your bloomers on stage too ;)

sabree Hello, I am going to be cosplaying as Bubbles for an upcoming event but I am unsure where to begin. Do you have any pointers?

Angelphie Hiya, I've written a bit about how I made the costume on this page: which I hope if helpful. Please PM me if you have any specific questions, and good luck!