Abunai 2006

Abunai 2006
@ska beam

At Abunai 2006 I met the lovely Jennifer (AKA FrozenNight) She is such a sweetheart ^-^ And so happy. She makes a lovely Miyu.

13 years ago

Albel-Nox your two are so lovely~~ and your costumes so pretty *___* dear you are the love

ska beam Oooh thank you so much dear! ^-^ You are the love too! One day I want to do a cosplay with you too ^-^ *hugs*

FrozenNight You posted our picture together! *hugs* You're a sweetheart too. ^^

celestial Ceres You both look soo great!^^

ska beam FrozenNight -> Ahh Thank you dear ^-^ *Hugs* Celestial Ceres -> Thank you dear!

Kiii_chan Aaaah I havn't seen you AT ALL! T__T

Miki-san Kawaii!! such a cool pic!! wish we could have made some pics didn't catch you around abunai after that one time :(

Kaiser wilhelm love it, soo cool, soo sweet.

Ivy lovely pic ^^