trying SO hard not to squint.

trying SO hard not to squint.

Next up: Starbuck's flight suit! The lovely Chanilye is my Cat here, thankfully at present she is not trying to usurp my beer mug (points for anyone who gets the reference).

Photos by Stillvisions (thanksmuchly!)

Starbuck, Cat
Battlestar Galactica
13 years ago

dagmarus Oh that is AWESOME. I'm working on a viper pilot, myself, so you best show up to Dragoncon this year. BSG is gonna be huge! I've still gotta get pics of my dress blues. You guys look great, good luck on the flightsuit! Also, I'm just curious where you got the brown tanks?

Oselle Hey, nifty! There are BSG fans here after all. ^_^ I made the tank tops...couldn't the perfect fabric, but in some lights those are brown and in others, dark green. If you ever see the perfect ribbed dark green fabric, let me know where! Do post pics of your blues! I want to do a set as well, but they're not as high on the priority list.

Veela nice! yay for Battlestar Galactica!

nuriko-riki WOWWWW!!! PERFECT!!! I love Battlestar Galactica!!!