Barbie mode!

Barbie mode!
@ska beam

Someone is coming! Quick Barbie Mode! haha XD

Don't ya just love that wig ^-^ I do XD Oh my, the room was so beautiful! So elegant, unfortunatly it is not mine*-* oh well, lucky for me I got wonderful pictures ^-^

TIffany Ray
The Bride of Chucky
13 years ago

† Wolfwood † You looks like a big real Doll! ;) Great shot! Yay, Figures! You a Doll and me a Actionfigure! *rofl* XD

ska beam haha XD yes, absolutely sweety! Thanks *hugs*

Chiko awesome *___* like real pretty doll ^^

RoxyDirKaoru The big doll definetly is the best! ^_~

Kanasai* Such a unique doll! I love the setting too, all the colours in this image compliments the dolls too! curtians > hair sofa > 'doll' clothes XD

Ino wow, great posing great costume~~~

Albel-Nox can i take you with me *___* in my dreams i wish a had such a doll like you *take you and run* =3

Elsch Beautiful~ *_*

HaruVamp sweetheart you are my favorite Barbie ever ^.^ add you to my collection *-* X3 did you got my mail`? kiss

Kaiser wilhelm what a cute dolly^_^ oh wait thats a real girl ^0^ ...still cute though ^_- (wink)

neo_winggoddess Heehe- that's awesome! Great job! ^__^

power_pyx Wow!!! Barbie >w< You look so Beautiful... like the real doll...

Assara Very nice picture. I like this costume of yours very much