I am in recovery

I am in recovery
@ska beam

I am sick at the moment, so I wathc the whole Chucky serie again ^-^ And then I realised that I didn't had so much pictures of my favourtie cosplay uploaded. So here they are ^-^

I loved the bit in the Seed of Chucky, when Tiffany went in recovery ^-^ Although this cosplay is from the Bride of Chucky (She has a different dress there and shoes) I loved her in that bit.

Tiffany Ray
The Bride of Chucky
12 years ago

Mi-chan4 You're such a great Tiffany!!

RoxyDirKaoru This is so KAKOII! Love the outfit, make-up, hair setting, pose and so on. Sugoi picture! *_* Awww you're sick T_T Get well soon! ^_^

ska beam Thanks you dears! *hugs* Miara -> Aah thank you dear, I feel better already ^-^

Chiko awesome *___*

mercure awesome photo^^

Vicky looks wicked ^^

Lodi Get well soon, my friend! *hugs* Your pose and those eyes are awesome! You do everything so well!

Albel-Nox oh another great pic of your bride *___* you are so adorable luv~~~

Psyposer Oooh i fear the bride of Chucky i-i but still you looks pretty~~ wish ya get better soon =D