@ska beam

This is my favourtie cosplay, cause I love Chucky so much ^-^ But I realized I heardly ever uploaded good pictures of the cosplay. So here it is ^-^ Love CHUCKY!!
Jennifer Tilly is also a wonderful actres ^-^ My boyfriend gets anoyed by her voice all the time XD oh well, I having a new Chucky cosplay planned ^-^

TIffany Ray
The Bride of Chucky
12 years ago

Albel-Nox aw~ dear i adore you. on the thumpnail i thought its a puppet but its really you *_* *sparcel* you are so breath taking

ska beam Thank you dear I also have the puppet, she is awesome! I am so glad you like it ^-^ *Big Hugs Dear*

Miki-san whow, in this pic you defnitly look like a dollie!! yay! only recently i saw Seed of chucky.....such a cool movie... jennifer tilly is awesome by the way....and her sexy xD (not annoying :P) lol

ska beam Thanks dear ^-^ Yeah I think her voice is hawt! too ^-^ And yeah the seed of chucky was great! I laughed so much XD *hugs*

smirnoff the hair is perfect for chuk's hem..."girlfriend"?

Assara WOW!!!

zansatsu i love the makeup, hair and not to mention the eyes.

Vicky looks great!

rox_my_sox oh wow! looks so great! I love the makeup job. awsome.

Edea you look so doll-ish dear ^^, so pretty

Mi-chan4 O_O;;; Straaaange!! But crazy awesome! x3

Shatteredwings6 SWEET! Much love to the horror of chucky's Bride! I love it!

suspendeddoll OMG! I <3 YOU! XD

Choi Perfect Bride of Chucky- how you made the tattoo? looks so real .