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Lolita Like
@ska beam

I know this is not 100% Lolita. My boyfriend gave me this dress as a present ^-^ He is such a sweetheart, I just had to do a shoot with it. Thanks Lars!

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13 years ago

Flowery The dress is so cute! XD

ska beam Thank you dear ^^ Yes, the dress is adoreble! I love it so much ^-^

mr-kobayashi Yeah, a really nice one. The setting is so cool too! Your fan from Chile :P

Isadora you bf really has an excellent sense for fashion - and his gf! beautiful!

ska beam Mr-Kobayashi -> Thank you dear ^-^ You are such a sweetheart! The setting was absolutely awesome I agree. Thank you for being a fan ^-^ I am yours too dear Isadora -> Thank you for your sweet words dear ^-^ Your cosplays are beautiful too!

LauraC Wow you are so gorgeous hun! And thats a sexy dress =D Such a sweet boyfriend ;) <3

Mi-chan4 Wow, you look so great in it! Your Boyfriend knows what looks great on you *_* I wanna have this dress,too! I love these points pyo pyo~

celestial Ceres Looks really cute!^^ But how can you walk in this shoes lol O_o

Albel-Nox how could you walk on such shoes O__O and the dress is very cute and sexy in the same way *-* you are still my beauty

MaiSheri it's a very pretty dress and you look great in it! But still, the first thing I thought is that your shoes never cease to amaze me!

FrozenNight Wow, the dress looks so beautiful on you! ^^

zauriel I suspect the dress was as much for him as for you ;) You look gorgeous in it!

Edea aw you look drop dead gorgeous dear *_*, i love how loooong you look hahaha, and those shoes are to die for *_*, i hope you are doing well my dear ^^.

robostar WOW! I need one of these...

aka_neko-chan you're very pretty!

Lolita_Leah hey babe! I LOVE this! You look gorgeous, as ever.

dingojones Just woundering where you got the shoes from? I'm making a Dorothy costume and would like to get some shoes like that in red for the costume. Also, are they 8" or 7"? Dingo

Lodi Oooo, Lars has good taste! This dress is so cute on you! Fabulous pose, too. You are always so glam!

Hanami you look sooooo cute and sexy !!! I loooove your legs they are amazing *_*

Rei-sama You are so beautiful =3 and I love this photo!!

Assara You are sooooooooooo pretty

† Wolfwood † Oh, wow~! °///°

DueleGirl16 WOW! This photo is absolutely AMAZING! And those shoes are awesome!