Making of... Yuna's Staff

Making of... Yuna's Staff

I chose very light materials to make an elegant version of the Summoner's Staff to match my Amano style costume.

Step 1 (upper left)
I cut the ornament from VERY heavy cardboard and set in pieces of light cardboard for the inner circle (the parts that will later be painted blue). The cardboard ornament is set into a deep groove in the wooden staff and fixed with glue. The rings around the staff are made of stripes cut from craft foam.

Step 2 (upper right)
I added modeling clay to form the tip of the staff and started pasting the ornament with papier-maché (silk paper and wallpaper paste).

Step 3 (lower left)
After adding several layers of papier-maché, the staff is ready for painting! It's important to paste the most fragile parts of the pattern very thoroughly, i.e. the lower curve of the ring and where it joins the tip of the staff. The glue stabilizes and hardens the cardboard so it will not bend too much and break eventually.

Step 4 (lower right)

With about three layers of acrylic paint and transparent varnish each, and one layer of metallic effect spraypaint inbetween, the Summoner's Staff is finally done. I would then wrap velvet ribbon around the length of the staff in a spiral until all the wood is covered by it, and finally add the bells and beads on a leather string that dangles from the lower end of the staff. You can see the finished staff in my photos of the completed "Summoner Yuna" costume!

Summoner Yuna -Amano Version-
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14 years ago

celestial Ceres Looks very good!^^

Rikku-chan ooo!! it looks SOO PRETTY!! ^^

summoner_yuna2 sweet!!!

xxtyleefanxx are u ever going to sell it??

Neika17 How did you manage to connect the top to the staff part? I'm trying to figure out a way to do that. It looks all connected in your pic. (I was going to use a broomstick. What did you use?)

Kukkii-san I used a dowel rod, and: "The cardboard ornament is set into a deep groove in the wooden staff and fixed with glue." Just like it says in the caption ^.^

~Zakenna~ Oh god, thank you thank you thank you for posting this <3 I would have NEVER of thought of using foamies/craft foam for the rings and the silver cone-thing!

cazza What are the dimensions for the ornament on the top and the pole? I want to make one for my girlfriends yuna costume and i have no idea what the sizes are :(

Nickle4aPickle Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this! :D