Merry Murderess

Merry Murderess

Whee. More evil Delphine-ness. This costume is now happily retired, but I was really pleased with how it looked at AX. [The wig is now rolled in a ball in my Otakon luggage. It rather resembles a dead albino rat. XDD] It was fun playing the show's sadistic villain, but now I'm moving on to Sophia. ^___^ [Going from maestro to princess is such a step down, jeez. ZOMG SPOILERS. XP]

Photo: Brocas

Delphine Eracles
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Delphine Eracles
11 years ago

aimee YOU RULE

astillar It may be the only Delphine I've ever seen, but I'm confident it won't be surpassed. You did a great job on this cosplay.

kiwi_lady I love that hat >_>!!

Straywind I love your costume! You make an excellent Delphine and I adore your headpiece.

mercure very awesome *.* !!!

akuma_no_bara This outfit is so awsome. I didn't even recognize you at first with the light hair.

Doll-chan Wow! Really cool picture, a wonderful costume, wig and make-up. Simply great!

*Shiva* Wow - I love that headdress!

KnuxieChan You make such an amazing Delphine. @[email protected]

etaru O.o........simply gorgeous.......*dies*

a-tastic Wow....that is AMAZING!!

Majo You look absolutely stunning. Great job.

Imperia real Delphine!!! *in love*

Ranma 1-2 Totally gorgeous! I especially love your makeup. Great costume too.