Bob And Nagi (Manga Shot)

Bob And Nagi (Manga Shot)
@Nagi Lee

Shot from the Manga of tenjou tenge

Nagi and Bob
Tenjho Tenge
Tenjou tenge group
14 years ago

Lady Integra Tenjou Tenge RULEZ!!!! So nice costumes!!!!! ^__^

Nagi Lee hah Thanks

archergirl2000 Holy crap,It's like you're doing a pose for a calvin klein advertisement XD

Nagi Lee Awwe thanks all of you omg *blushes* your all so nice ^_^

Mahato Shey-Kun Damn man, we got a lot of fangirls!

Izeekial Good job you guys! Looks like the fangirls came out too always cool ^_^

nagi lee lover please dont call him sexy or hot and please dont say u are his fan girl thank you

Pirate Queen Looking good! You must have been beating off the fangirls!

IvySun /blush/ well you ceritanly have the body to pull of nagi! also if you want i can pull out my Ayi Natsume costume and we can get pictures on Friday?