Calintz & Adora

Calintz & Adora

In spite of the terrible British weather at AmeCon (which lived up to its name), Prince Mark still managed to take awesome pictures of me and Delusional. I’m really having a hard time being selective about what I upload!

Delusional’s Calintz costume completely blew me away – she really did a fabulous job, so it was a great experience to pose with her and enjoy Mark’s brilliant photography skills.

Calintz & Adora
Magna Carta: The Phantom of Avalanche
Adora - Magna Carta: The Phantom Of Avalanche
12 years ago

PrinceMark As I said to Kat, it was a lovely experience doing a photoshoot for two gorgeous girls with gorgeous costumes! Im glad that I was able to give you some photos you liked as your costumes deserve it! Your Adora rocks my provertbial socks and I hope to do a big group with you in the future and hope you will ask me to do a photoshoot with you again.

sephygoth Still looks fancy ^^ Good photography here, and great lookin cosplays keep it up!