Count D from Pet Shop of Horrors

Count D from Pet Shop of Horrors

The horses at the petting zoo must have thought D was hiding sugar cubes, they wouldn't stop licking my outfit.

count D
Pet Shop of Horrors
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12 years ago

Rynn That shirt is gorgeous! Awesome job!

Brio t almost looks like a 2 headed horse...which kinda fits

LadyoftheThread Nice Count D costume. I like that you found some horses to pose with, too! ^_^

teesy738 Hey, it's me, Theresa. This is the only way I could think of contacting you. Elicia thinks that since she doesn't want to talk to then I don't either so she deleted your number from our phone. I still want to talk to you, you're still MY friend. E-mail me please a [email protected]

Nico Meg I'm in love! The horse with the tongue out seems to recognize Count D wild empathy!