Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice

My favorite Momo picture of all tiiiime. I'm always happy to find pictures where Velvy and I don't look goofballs. XD If only the pleats of my skirt on the side didn't suck.... then I'd be a VERY happy (peach) girl. Huge thanks to Lionel! *RABURABU*

Momo and Sae
Peach Girl
Adachi Momo
Adachi Momo from Peach Girl (school uniform)
14 years ago

Shikan You look just like Momo and Sae x)

mirrorsaber Thats really good Peach Girl cosplay. Me likes. ^^

Collie You look gorgous!

xfallenangelx You guys both look so pretty!!! *.* ~Anji

LordDeus Best Momo I've ever seen! Heheh I actually read the manga and watched the anime... I'm not even into Shojo! haha

CherryBomb AAAH! You guys look perfect! GREAT JOB!

Tess Um, I basically LOVE YOU GUYS. :3

PoraccieCosplay Wonderful Momo and Sae!!! ^_^

B-Shira KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! MOMO-CHAAAAN! *with Okayasu's voice* >.< Is Momo-chan!!! and...that other girl...-_- XD Amazing! amazing! I love Peach girl! Great job!