Nope, we're not missing anyone. Let's go!

Nope, we're not missing anyone. Let's go!

One of 2 pictures I know of that was taken during Otakon. Finished product. Though there will be major touch-ups done. The wig seriously doesn't have that weird thing going on. The boot covers came out not to my liking. Though it was my first time doing them. So I kinda expected that. (I did those a few days before Otakon).

The paint on the shirts and shorts came out so clean. So happy with that! The wig came out much better. The bell-neck-choker thingy came out ok. Would of been better in my original plan, but the wire being thick and not bendable, kept popping out. So I had to use thin, gauge wire.

I need to take a picture of the back. The shirt is just as nicely patterned as the front.

Shorts were actually made by extra sweatshirts. I did that so they can both match exactly to each other.

Definitely not a summer con outfit. I only wore this for a panel, then walked around in it for an hour. Though good ol' me would make that kind of an outfit for a con notorious for oppressive heat and humidity XD

This picture was taken by dizzylizzy <3

Tales of Legendia
Jay (Tales of Legendia)
12 years ago

Missy Cutee!

WildSpice I LOVE THIS...its so awesome =3!

Infini You look so awesome!! =D

Seed-chan Soooo kyuute~~ You did a great job =DD *squishes* &hearts;

Rinkun :3 Thanks, everyone! ::hugs::

Kurayami_chama JAY!!! OMG JAAAAY!!! lol i may need some tips, i'm making a Jay costume for my friend lol. it looks.. GREAT O_O

Psyposer WHOOOA! i LOVE this game! *.* me and my sister, we'll cosplay as Senel and Shirley~ hope we can find a great Jay, just like you sometime ^^

Issu Out of all the pictures we've taken I still think this is such my favourite one of your costume :3 Although I must say it was cooler up close. It was fun meeting you, Rin.~~

EyekaXJaychan omg how could i make 1! im like really desperate (ya i know pathetic, im just way too obsessed) ^^ but please tell me how i could!!!! arrigatou!!!