Sailor Peach Girl?

Sailor Peach Girl?

I was trying to come up with a pose for a photo from Sleepy, when I jokingly was like "Teehee! *Sailor Moon*"! Then Sleepy said "I DARE you to do that again!" And of course, I cannot resist a dare, so I did and this photo was born. XD

Adachi Momo
Peach Girl
Adachi Momo
Adachi Momo from Peach Girl (school uniform)
14 years ago

Kayla SUCH a cute momo! where DID you get that wig!? Let me in on it PLZ!!

Katie Right here! Cosworx Alicia XL, color 144. ^^

P. Python Cute ^__^~

LiL KRN YUNA Awww! You make such a cute Momo!

Aeronaut MOMO! I love this. I haven't seen very many Peach Girl cosplays. Good job.

Makkuro Perfect!

EverEvolvingGrl yeah for Peach Girl cosplays!!!

Krishna Cute! You are a prefect Momo!

Minako Aino Ooooh you're so cute as Momo! *o* ANd I love your wig choice!

AFadingDream You look soooo attractive in this costume mah KATEH FRIEND :D. I don't know why I leave you compliments in your gallery xD..considering you just tease me in mine =P. lol. Yah look great as always Katie. ^_^

Mary OMG! You don't know how happy I'm to see such a beautiful and credible cosplay of Momo. I just love Peach Girl!(The Manga really, I didn't like the character design in the anime). Your the best Momo I've ever seen! Congrats really, Miwa Ueda would like to see this ^^

MercuryIceStorm You're such an awesome Momo! Much love Peach Girl!

Myung I love this pic! You're nice! Momo is a happy and funny girl! =D

theplasticcat Beautiful! ^o^ You fit her perfectly!!! ^_______________^

Mokusai wwwwahhh^^!! perfect momo!