No one in Japan has this color naturally. NO ONE!

No one in Japan has this color naturally. NO ONE!

Soooo yeah. Me. As Momo. That's really all I have to say. >_> Though I guess now could be a good time to discuss the trials of schoolgirl cosplay.

Despite how simple this costume is, everything was a pain in the REAR to find.

I must have scoured the WHOLE INTERNET looking for a royal blue sweater vest. In the end, it was my mom who found some online in LIGHT blue. Luckily for me, they were like, 90% cotton instead of being acrylic, so I dyed them the darker shade of blue you see before you.

What's even MORE impossible to find is baby blue and royal blue striped plaid, so again, I made my own. I found some baby blue plaid with BROWN stripes at my grandma's house and then after sewing the skirt, I painstakingly masked off and painted each and every stripe with acrylic craft paint. It took WEEKS (mostly because I have no attention span), whereas for Velvy's, I was like "Hey, wait, PAINT PEN!" And hers took a few hours. XDDD

Another problem I had was finding long blue knee socks. Everytime I'd buy a pair, I'd open the package and try them on, only to find they only went halfway up my calf. No good. I went through about 3 pairs, before I found some suitable ones that were actually too dark (looked black instead of navy). Then when Velv got hers at Walmart, she got both the perfect length AND color AND they were tight and stayed up extremely well, so I swiped the second pair that came in the package. ;D

I also bought 2 pairs of BLACK loafers from Goodwill before I came across the perfect pair of brown ones at Emmy's.

So although this costume appears simple, appearances can be misleading. The only easy part about it was the white polo shirt. I have like, 20 because we had to wear them as part of the uniform in high school. XD Ok, done!

Adachi Momo
Peach Girl
Adachi Momo
Adachi Momo from Peach Girl (school uniform)
15 years ago

HybridTwist Damn, that's a long description! Haha, j/k. Looks good, awesome work. (^.^)b

RikuGurl ^___^ amazing momo!

Subaru-kun Wai! You cosplayed Momo! That's great and you look supa cute! Perfect! I love the wig! -needs some orange one but can't find one- ;_;

LadyMillennium Aww~~ Momo! *o* You're are the best momo I have ever seen!!! I'm very impressed. Great and beautiful Cosplay! *clap clap* ^____^ It's very awesome!!!! *kyahhh* Super!!!

Mari Rainha Oh-my-god. You ARE Momo! *O* The perfect wig, the smile, the thin legs. Exacly like her! You're my IDOL! I Loooove peach girl so much! :~