Grrrr... whore. ♥

Grrrr... whore. ♥

Velvy and I getting our Mean Girls faces one. Is she not totally a rockin' Sae? Some of her expressions in photos absolutely slayed me. I wish we'd gotten a shot of her fake crying and then giving a good victory laugh. Then my life would be COMPLETE. ;D

Photo by Sleepy and DAAAMN, my leg look BROKE! I have really got some hyper extension going on. XDDD

Momo and Sae
Peach Girl
Adachi Momo
Adachi Momo from Peach Girl (school uniform)
15 years ago

Sweet~Pea awesome :)

AngelSamui Creepy perfect!

chesiremongoose OMG! You two look just perfect! Exactly like the anime! I love it!!

Subaru-kun Great shot! Your view is like Momos! :p

yasmine perfect!!!!! *.* i loooooove Momo!...and u look great!

kusogaki PERFECT! XD

Obezyanka You guys look so AWSOME. ^_^

violetsky ::agrees w/ everyone else:: amazing job!

sugar-LOVE wow you guys look JUST like the characters!

Aikochan OMG! I LOOOOOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Perfect!! *_____*