Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Obviously, Sae = THE BEAST.

rofl, I'm j/king, Velv. I just thought it would make a more amusing title than "Momo and Sae." XD Picture by EBK. I increased the contrast to make me look more tan and Velvy look more pale. In some of the outside shots, we looked the same color, and that was no good, yo. In a photo Sleepy took, the difference is like WOAH. :D That one's up next.

Momo and Sae
Peach Girl
Adachi Momo
Adachi Momo from Peach Girl (school uniform)
15 years ago

.Diana. *hugs* I loved you girls in these outfits! I had such a great time at AX hanging out with ya'll!

Princess_Garnet you guys look sooo cute! [squish] XD

yayahan Wow you girls look so awesome in these outfits! Momo and Sae coming to life, yo!

GreenRiderNikki You know Katie, your such a fox! You and Velvy make such an awesome pair of Peach Girls ^^ *rubs your arm*

Vicky I love the title *snicker* XD

Tali Ah! your both perfect! I'm pretty sure you both make the best Momo and Sae ever~ ^^

AngelSamui You two really do look perfect.

Rynn You two are PERFECT! You're so adorable!

Myung Yay! So nice and cute *-*

chesiremongoose You look just like Momo from the anime! That's so awesome! You did a wonderful job~ :3

Mari Rainha OMG, PERFECT! *_____________________*~ You two came out from the anime to real life! Great great (L) Peach girl is LOOVE!

Serephita I LOVE THESE COSTUMES!!!!! I want to cosplay Momo soooo much but unfortunately with my height (5'2!) and complexion I would pull off a better Sae. You guys did a really great job!!!

Miyukisetsu AAAHHHH I always wanted to play Momo but I'm pale and brunette. XD It's so hard for me to get a tan! You look soooo good!! <333

mewmewpower94 It's crazy how you look EXACTLY LIKE MOMO! Did you dye your hair for that or is it a wig? I am going to cosplay her and need a wig. OR the color you used!

BunnyOfDoom Perfect! Great cosplays. ^^