"Every problem is an opportunity in disguise."

"Every problem is an opportunity in disguise."

Does anyone know the best way to clean chiffon? This costume has been to hell and back.

Photo by Danners (thank you!!), costume by me. Yes, all the blue swirlies are hand painted (but I cheated, and just filled in the jacquard pattern already on the red fabric).

Inara Sera
Firefly costumes
13 years ago

Seed-chan You look soo hawt! Pretty pretty pretty! ...and aw, hell and back looks also very pretty! XD

CosplayerGabi How lovely! The chiffon is so perfect for her. Gorgeous ensemble on you. And thats not cheating! That's ingenious! Oh yeah, take it to the cleaners. It'll only cost like $10 to have it freshened up.

xiola ooh... i love this photo! the lighting is perfect *_* i didn't notice the sleeves and chiffon before, but they make the whole thing so pretty and elegant! (and you look so pretty :D!) (sorry i missed TT, i was just way too broke to really consider it atm since the WHOLE thing would have gone on credit card. not cool :p)

Eleryth I demand you grow your hair out and dye it black. Or wear a black wig all the time. YOU ARE TOO DAMN SEXY.

unholydove Wow, what a great Inara! I can't believe you made that costume yourself. It must've been hard! And yay for Browncoats!

Danners This was one of my fav shots from that day. Luckily no one (who wasn't there) will ever know how girly I looked when I demonstrated that pose to you :P We MUST do another photoshoot soon!

EndlessNights You´re perfect *_______*