Hey JJ, Dance with me!

Hey JJ, Dance with me!

:D I'm loving this wig! It's clearly in progress. My first time ever styling a wig to this extreme. I was always afraid of ruining it, but so far, so good! Still have some ways to go and need to fix a couple of things.

But yay to Jay! :3

Jay (Jay the Unseen)
Tales of Legendia
In Progress
12 years ago

Seed-chan It's so cute~~~~ x3 Great job~

Missy aw it turned out so pretty!

Chibik3r0 That looks so cute :D I can't wait to see the finished product!

otakutre Looks great! All I know of the character is your LJ icon but the wig looks AWESOME with that as the reference!

Chibi Ice Wolf It looks really clean and smooth...which I know is tough to do with wig updos x.x Good job!

Amy the Yu Har har...sexy Jay alien hair. XD

Rinkun Thanks a lot everyone! :3