kaliko_rosa Because Girls are Superheroes too (Cosplay Preview)

Cosplayer(s): Kaliko Rosa
Cosplay(s): Videl as Great Saiyaman #2 (Dragonball Z: Movie 13)
Location: CN Anime
Aspired debut location of New Version: Anime Expo 2005

Well, I thought I would give another "cosplay preview" a try ^_^; Working on Tenshi's Seifer cosplay preview was a big challenge, but it gave us some neat insight on how his completed costume would look. And so, I decided to try out the same kind of thing with my Saiyaman cosplay ^o^

What I CG-ed for the update includes some of the helmet design, the helmet padding, the "blue" visor (it's really black), and the antannae. Also, I had to draw on most of my right arm in that shot, because it was originally covered by something -_-;. Lastly, I smoothed over some wrinkles in the edges of the cape. Add all that to a funky background and a closeup watermark (avec dragonball!), and you've got a preveiw pic :D.

I can't wait to get my helmet all revamped and completed for AX05, and see Tenshi's completed helmet-version Saiyaman as well :)

Peace. Love. Anime.

Kaliko Rosa