kaliko_rosa The Great Saiyapeople

Cosplayers: Kaliko Rosa & Tenshi Musouka
Cosplays: Videl Satan as the Great Saiyaman #2, Son Gohan as the Great Saiyaman #1 (Dragonball Z_
Location: CN Anime 2004

Whee! ^_^ My first post of mine and Tenshi's wacky Saiyaman cosplays! :D. I love these costumes SO much!!!!

Okay, first of all, ever since I was a kid in the 7th grade, I've loved both Gohan and Videl ^_^ One of my dreams since then was to do their Saiyaman cosplays, because it would be so fun! But for many years, I never had anyone to go with (or the knowledge to make a costume).

I have to thank Tenshi for being so determined to make our costumes so perfect. He did a brilliant sewing job, and picked the most perfect fabrics. I worked on the hot-glue projects, like the gloves, boots and belts. Luckily, my helmet came in on the day OF the convention, enough time for us to slap on some fabric to it and make it slightly accurate ^_^

It was SO fun wandering downtown Toronto in these :D. We got such odd looks XD.

Oh! and we had actual dragonballs. I just loved that about it ^_^

Peace. Love. Anime.

Kaliko Rosa