sanzo shoots people!

sanzo shoots people!

and it feels good...

[left over picture from retired gensou costume]

Gensoumaden Saiyuki
saiyuki: sanzo
12 years ago

A~ming OMG! Great cos *o*

xrysx u got that grunchy look :P

azurite_no_miko Cool Sanzo *,*

Inehime So sexy =D

chaos_magician I luv Sanzo-sama!!! don't retire it!! u look sooo semxyful!!! >.<

summerpark wow!!!!!!

ImMoRtAl MuFfIn such a good pic ^^!

Echo-of-Makai13 Niiiiiiiiiiiice! =D

XLucky_SevenX o_o You're like. A pretty amazing cosplayer. ... :D

natsukoarts thanks for all the comments! hmmm... sexy sanzo... maybe this cosplay should come out of retirement...

Lirin I support them: How could you retire this so awesome costume? Don't do it!!

Meng Xiaojie My Sanzo wants to molest your Sanzo... (Hey, it's not gay--it's masturbation!) ^_^ Seriously, I can't say it enough. AWESOME. COSPLAY. *is pwned hardcore*

bondkira wow... you make really awesome sanzo!!! it'll be a waste to seal this costume!!

natsukoarts thank you minna-san for all the comments, i think i will take the comstume out of retirement

[Eclipse Inc.] You're so cute!

Abarai obSEXion oh my god *_* you are the true sanzo! love the pict!! <3

Spookloops Haha, I was view #666! Great Sanzo!!

Laraneia Oooh, you are all kinds of smexy ;) Great cosplay, just perfect for Sanzo ^-^