I can read your thoughts ♥

I can read your thoughts ♥

That's right. My fan is acting as an antenna which picks up your thoughts. No joke.

This is my Kaname Chidori costume which has been completed for over a year, yet only managed to take pictures of a few days ago. Barb (limebarb) made this for me as an 18th birthday present. :3

Photo by limebarb

Kaname Chidori
Full Metal Panic!
Kaname Chidori
Kaname Chidori
13 years ago

SeekingElegance Pssst... It's thoughts... Hehe.. ^^ I spell things wrong randomly all the time too. Anyway, cute costume! Gotta love Kaname... She's too cool.

ShibbyOmittchi You look way to happy with that fan there...I don't want to make you angry for sure..you might go fan happy and kick shomeones butt!

XLucky_SevenX Aww! I love Kaname. And you look so good! ^^

Shego Very cute Kamame!!

WildSpice Yay for more FMP cosplayers! And an even bigger yay for Kaname ;D!

Princess_Zelda orly? lol awesome kaname! ^_^

Jaquii Seeking Elegence~ usually it's not an accident, it's just that I *can't* spell the word. XD

Elsch AWW! Lovely shot. I like your pose and wig. So cute. ^^

Lady Mana Awesome awesomes! :D I didnt realise this was you at first =p

Rynn I didn' realize it was you either! Well, until I looked slightly below the picture and saw the name "Jaquii", then I had a slight hint, but its impossible to know for sure, really. And how is it that you look good in every wig color EVER? I love the wig, uniform, fan, and pretty much everything! Yaaaay.

Yakusoku20 Watch out, that fan is deadly.

Miss Valentine GahhhH!! You're too cute!! I want to eat you =3

Chibi Julia Very cool! I love the wig!

neoangelwink ^_^ so cute hug

Rachel Stevens wow i like your costume it sooo cool and a very nice pic xD

pepe_rei nice chidori!!

7th Heaven cutie ** you make a wonderful Kana-chan ^^

seawaterwitch OMG...OMG... I love this charachter from Full Metal Panic and you are so perfect ^____^

Gryphus So cute

AmarisSkye Where did that wig come from? My friend is trying to cosplay her but we can't find a wig in the right color.