Man, this took forever to get all those scales sculpted. I'm really happy with how it looks. Time to make a mold for it now!

Doggy Kruger
Doggy Kruger
12 years ago

Digital Blush At the time of posting~ There are 35 views on here, that's 35 idiots who didn't say "HOLY CRAP! THAT'S AWESOME!" Can I get a hook-up on a cast of that? T_T? My boyfriend wants to do Doggie Krueger really badly~.

azurite_no_miko Amazing work! I can't even IMAGINE how to make something like that x___x

Vicky no kidding, that's incredible! i wish my skills weren't limited to just sewing XD that looks incredible, like it's going in a movie!! i can't wait to see more progress ^^

Su Ying thats amazing

kylash327 I think the back of his neck is supposed to be quite wider, but hell, thats a damn good sculpt!

selaphri ::speechless:: :O

hoshi-p Wow. You are very talented!

Elsch OMG! Holy shit! That's awesome. *_*

_YukiShu_ I was just watching Power Rangers a couple days ago which I haven't watched in two years and I thought that would be a cool cosplay to see^_^ Awesome

bandai1983 Your talent precedes you, I'm impressed at the hexagons and the eyes.