Thank you Pikminlink and her dad for the TOTALLY awesome photos! ^_^ has more of them! so YAY!

I know Epona is supposed to be behind me, but uh...uh...Epona wasn't...feeling well...yeah! that's it, she had a tummy ache and stayed inside my hotel room with Teefah my kitty! it's the truth I swear! XD

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
12 years ago

Teetah Waaah what a cute costume!! Love it! ^o^

The-Real-Link That's sweet!

kyandi-chan Beautiful costume and photo. *psst artwork isn't allowed, miss*

Princess_Zelda GAH I forgot! Thanks! Fixed it, sorry!

aznbassplayer awwww dat's soooo cute ^___^

ursumthinpretty So cuuuuute!

Lady Mana Awesome awesome! :D I am working on this right now for a con in August, I will be veeery happy if mine turns out as good as this....especially with the wig! =^___^=

Princess_Zelda hehe! Thanks guys! Lady Mana: Cool! I can't wait to see it!

Heero Masaki Great Costume and awesome wig styling! ~ Heero

Tsuyosa Perfect ilia! And you KNOW it!

neoangelwink aww so cute ^_^ big hug

Scruffy Rebel so cute! You are so adorable as Ilia and the details on the costume are superb.

MasterSwordette I like it ^_^ great stitching job and making the patterns on the fabric blend in nicely. You can borrow my horse if ya want ^_^ *puts Epona behind you* hehe. I also like your expressions because expressions are hard to do, well done overall.

einlanzer Ridiculously adorable. Makes me wish the picture had cheeks so I could pinch 'em.

KazeChan Wow o.o you make her look good! Lovely! You did an awesome job on Ilia!

link_forever WHAAAAAT ........pikminlink is a girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl??!!??

spoonodoom One thing I'd change about this costume - in Twilight Princess, Ilia seems to have some sort of addiction to eyeliner or something, if you look at the outline of her eyes, and compare them to any other character in the game. But other than that, this costume is identical to in-game Ilia. Ooh, I wanna see you modify it slightly with white contact lenses, so you can look like she does in that cutscene you get in Lanaryu's spring (the flashback history-lesson thing). That'd be awesome to see cosplayed.

RiKashi awww Ilia! :D omg love this ^______^ I think Link and Ilia make the best couple in Twilight Princess, what do you think? ^.^ You and Pikmin Link need to take some pics together in a setting like ordon village :D

Hooney Awesome!

abyssofthesoul Beautiful job, I'm working on my own at this moment. If I may ask, what wig did you use for this one?

Xainoe -Is speechless- My friend and I scream whenever someone says TPZ or Pikminlink. You're beyond pwnful.

Haven That's such a beautiful Ilia costume! <3 I'm planning to make one, too. I hope it comes out as good as yours! n.n

silly chibi aw it's PERFECT! <3

megami_chan so cute =3