Profile of Evil

Profile of Evil

My favorite pic from the con, and the best closeup of the costume.

Sorceress Adel
Final Fantasy VIII
Sorceress Adel
Final Fantasy Costumes
11 years ago

Sakura Your Adel costume is absolutely PERFECT! but she scares me ;_; good job pulling her off!

love squad perfect cosplay! ))

Solaria Oh wow, that's so creepy but in an utterly fantastic way.

Albel-Nox OMG holy crap thats awesome *____*

Aneris You WIN! You win everything! Props for you for making such an awesome character! WOOOT!

Tali Wow. Adel is so scary and you pulled her off amazingly, but in such an awesome way too.

LadyoftheThread Great costume!

final_memories Wow. So cool! I hope that I will be able to see it in person one day!

SeishinKibou that looks so kickarse! it would be even better to see in person~ *claps*

*Shiva* Thank you, everyone! ^^ And SeishinKibou, its funny you should say that, because when I first entered AB with this on, one girl walking past me (who must have seen my pics on this site) yelled, "That looks SO much cooler in person!" xD

Laura Buu The best Adel costume Ive seen so far!!!

Aya_Fujimiya sooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lorna Lynn Just wonderful *__*

Koisnake Wow, stunning cosplay, you did a great job with the tatooing here.

Freya Kuro Neko It is the first time that I see the cosplay of Adel good make-up

shattered_song this is rreeaallyy ccooolll!!!