Vampire Knight [added details]

Vampire Knight [added details]

Pictures of added stockings, prefect armband, and Pendent of Cross necklace! X3 (still need my haircut though...)

I really like the full costume shot on the right! =D

As for my weird-ass half smile going on in the bottom left picture, dunno how that happened but I had the scene in chapter 16 in mind (actually... that's probably why I was smiling XD), where Yuuki was giving Zero permission to suck her blood: "Go ahead, anywhere you want. Don't spill so much, okay?" ...even though I realize it looks nothing like it, but I wanted a picture with the same idea lol

Yuuki Kurosu/Cross
Vampire Knight
Yuuki Kurosu/Cross
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14 years ago

Eleryth Full body shot looks fantastic! Must bookmark this for future reference and inspiration. Is the armband just fabric paint? <.< >.> <.< I may just be the only other person who knows this series....

LiL KRN YUNA Wow, that looks so great! Your costumes are always amazing ^^

FrozenNight You look so beautiful! ^_^

Teetah *.* I love love love your costume!!

lainey been awhile hasn't it? looks really well done ^_^

Mi-chan4 Awww~ you look gorgeous! And beautiful as always <3

Chiao-Fung *_* very pretty


Lady Sephiroth Agrees with Misty eyes' post....HAhahaha :D I still wait to see this one in person come summer! And loL, I liked your look in the bottom left but I had no idea it had the intention of communicating the words, "just don't suck too much blood okay?' lol! And i like ur pendant too! ^_^

Chino-San You have such beautiful hair!

Chino-San You have such beautiful hair! I saw the pic of your avatar and your new hair style looks gorgeous! I want to have layered hair and highlights!

etaru What gorgeous detail! I just can't get enough of it!! XD

strawberry neko SQUEE~!!! you are the best vampire knight evarrr!! meow~! X3 *huugggles*

Cleire Cute!*O*

gabman6 Wow! I didnt know you did this cosplay too! Don't worry bout the "weird" smile, it still looks awesome