This is me, attempting to be cute, in my Malon costume at ACen 2006.

If you've ever played OoT, then the title is self-explanitory. If not, well...basically, Malon stands around in a field singing her famous electronic "loo-doo-doo" (Epona's Song) hymn allll day long. Apparently, her singing is so beautiful that gamers will stop off at Lon-Lon ranch, zoom in on her face with z-target, and listen to her sing for hours as she swings back and forth incessently.

At least, that's what one Malon fanboy at ACen told me. It was an interesting experience.

embroidery done by me, sewn by Limebarb, wig by Jia Crens

Photo by Consplayers

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time
13 years ago

Mai Kirasaki Very cute.

Demri Aww, you're just way too cute as Malon! Totally believeable and a very nicely constructed costume! ^_^

OoTLink I always had this thing for redheads *hides*... That's really awesome, Malon.. err.. Jaquii! :)

SasuNaru Wow, that's really well done, I really like everything about it. Very accurate.

ThePinkPanther very pretty! I like the detail of the apron, and the skirt. your a very good cosplayer. ^_^

pssailormoon You were so cute!! I saw you and wanted a picture, but unfortunately I was dealing with some drama at the time and jsut wanted to scurry to my room before being asked for more pictures of me. Some people just don't get that A crying Sailor Moon does not want to be stopped for pictures. >.>;;; Enough babbling! You're adorable!! I love the costume and the wig!

ParnsAngel Wow, I wouldnt even recognize you! I love that face, sooooooooooooooo cute!!!! :D

The-Real-Link I thought I had commented on this photo but anyway... That's just wonderful Jaquii! You look awesome and I'm sorry I didn't get any shots of it at all, judging on all that happened before the con. Atleast I got to say hi ^^. Oh yes wait, Malon costume. Um, WOW! Perhaps we can play songs together sometime?

Rynn This is seriously the most beautiful picture of you ever. EVER EVER. You look so angelic (how deceiving) and um, colorful? And that wig is freaking phenominal. YAAAY.

Fira sweet malon!! ^^

Jaina Solo OMG Look at how freaking cute you are!!! :D

kyandi-chan You make such a sweet Malon!

Lady Mana AWESOME! *sings along with Malon* XD This is one of my favourite costumes you have done, it suits you so well =D!!

Jaquii Genève~ f-u. XD!!!!

Jahn Great Malon! I love your costume! ^_^

PikminLink cute! X3

Elsch Lovely costume. ^^

Miss Valentine Lets get married and have little Link babies with tires on their head =p

Jaquii Miss Valentine~ That sounds ever so romantic~! XD

neoangelwink omg u so cute hug^_^

Tenucha Aww AWESOME!! :D Please come to Expo!! XD

blueboy Awsome costume. lol I want that belt buckle!

YagamiRaito Oooh, you look great! It's very accurate. :]!

Tennyochan I love your costume. *_* Looks amazing.

Princess_Garnet this costume is phenomenal! you look absolutely perfect as Malon!

Ryujisama Best.... Malon.... EVAH!!!!!!!

Senshinobi And you totally succeeded! That shot is so adorable! The wig suits you so well and your green eyes match the red hair so perfectly! You are absolutely cute looking! If Link would be given the choice wether to take you along or Epona 99% of those Zelda players would definitely continue their adventures not on horseback but by shanks mare. XD

Jaquii Senshinobi~ lol However much I'd love to have green eyes, mine are actually blue. And what's "shanks mare"? o.O

Senshinobi Oh, well they kinda looked green to me on that pic. Looks good at any rate. :) Err, I actually looked that one up at http://dict.leo.org. ^^;; In german there is the term "mit Schusters Rappen" which literally means "by shoemaker's horse" so that is a term for going by foot. I looked for a translation and was amazed that there was one (supposedly a humorous term known among americans and canadians). But obviously that term is not very well established.

Miki-san Whouch! you look amazing in this cosplay! Everything looks so clean cut and well made, amazingness!

simonsaz3 Wow... that's amazing! =)

Minakoeli so cute!!!

Miri You make such an adorable Malon! She's one of my favorite characters for sure. ^_^ And the pose? Totally Malon. Well done indeed. :D

NytenGale i've actually done that myself.....but not for hours..i loved her song..she's sucha cutie!! great depiction! thanks for the kind comment! n_n

manolo-kun can u sing at 64 bits? jejejejjee