My love was a short one...

My love was a short one...

This is my Malon costume that I wore at Anime Central 2006. Barb, Julia, and I made this costume in ONE day. I embroidered all the designs, Barb sewed everything together (at rocket speed!) and made the Bowser brooch, and Julia styled Ariel's-er, I mean Malon's wig. They are so awsome!! Thank you so much you two!!

Yes, to clairify, I am lying down in some bush-like things in this shot and not leaning against a wall of plants. :3

Photo by limebarb.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time
13 years ago

torakiji awesome cosplay! And photo! the colors are stunning XD great job, all of ya'll

cactusmomma I sawwwwwww youuuuuuuuu~ *giggle*

Voltz Get the Hell out of my plants Jackie!!!! How many times do I have to tell you "stay of the grass"!?!?!??! I will though admit it's an awesome shot.

Zoroko awesome awesome job!

MsValentine My gosh, you look great girl!

neoangelwink so pretty and artestit ^_^ this si wondful done

Rynn OMG! I can't even be sarcastic for once...this picture is just freaking beautiful! You = best Malon in the world. Kthnxbye.

Jaquii Rynn~ You just made my day XD

oranjyu Wow~good shot!*0*

Patches oooh perfect! I love your apron-thingie!

Jaina Solo OH MY YOU LOOK PRETTY! This is a fantastic shot!!!

kyandi-chan Such a lovely Malon costume! You look gorgeous as her :D

SailorGaia They were too sweet to help make this costume for you--and it turned out so well too! Dali-Lamb has a pic of you and her as Link & Malon. I just squeed. I have camera envy too.. A friend of mine works for a photographer so she actually owns one of those as-expensive-as-a-car digital cameras. *.* I just want to steal it everytime I see it! ^^;;; But I digress: AWESOME shot, AWESOME costume!!

Tranquility You look beautiful as Malon. I love how you got all the details, especially on the front apron piece.

The-Real-Link Wow that's such a perfect shot! I'm so sorry I couldn't find you at all but it's great to see there are good photos of Malon now. Thanks for saying hi :)

Lady Mana Amazing Malon~ You really suit the character! All the details look so crisp and perfect...awsomes! *___*

Blacky WOW it's the best Malon i have ever seen. You looks very nice and cute *__*

Nyana what a beautiful Malon! *_*

OoTLink Woooooow When you cosplay something it always rawks ^_^

Jaquii thank you for all the kind comments everyone! :3

Demri Wow, this is a very nice shot! Such a cute Malon. :)

Jedi Knight Wow! I am very impressed! I can't believe this was made in one day! You look very beautiful lying on those plants. Excellent!

AnimeOtakuGurl lol, I want a Bowser broock just to wear it xD You make a wonderful Malon!

yuki_and_aki OH WOW!!!!!!! now that's what I call a niiiiiiiice costume ^_^

SkullKid love this picture!

Miri I love this shot, it's so calm. Very nice ^_^

Jaquii Smzeldarules~ if you want to be really amazed, Barb also made, like, three other costumes in addition to sewing up this one. She is super woman.

Jaquii SmZeldarules~ *on the same day

NytenGale lol 'wall of plants' xD pretty shot!

lilylighting Simply BEAUTIFUL

Blue Sasarai love your malon, this has to be one of my fav pics

Starry_Eyed So lovely. Your expression is soft and wistful, and the shot is perfect and poignant ;)

Arroyo so perfect. gorgeous malon

manolo-kun love your malon

Adella You know I"ve been seeing a lot of people on DA emulating this pic in some form or fashion... I hope you don't mind but I've been asking them solely out of curiosity if they were emulating you knowingly or inspired by you in some fashion... or if it was just a coincidence. @[email protected]

Adella Well isn't that funny, you're my favorite ^^!! I'll note you the URLs on DA.