In the Temple of the Ancients...

In the Temple of the Ancients...

Back when the original photo was first posted, several people sent me photoshops of it that got rid of the poolside. This was my favorite by a long shot--so beautiful and atmospheric. Kudos to Shinitama (who has a account under that name, btw) for the fantastic editing job.

Original photo taken at Sakuracon 2005, in the poolside courtyard at the Seatac Hilton. Edit by Shinitama.

Aerith Gainsborough
Final Fantasy VII
Aerith Gainsborough
*...promised land...*
12 years ago

theopirja Oh wow. This is neat. Good job! XD

Momoko WOW O_O That is simply beautiful! Nice job!

Misty Eyes a lot of people have tried to re-make this scene, but rarely any of them actually got in the water to do it! awesome!

Kakashi101 what an amazing idea! 100 points for you!

*Shiva* The CGing is excellent - it looks so natural, I've forgotten what the original background looked like!

Fei-Hung Yeap wicked!

Hitori this is an amazing CG job, and the photo is just fab already!

Gabriella romantic ;_; i love u guys your cosplays are perfect ^^

Matsuki wow. thats gorgeous. T__T takes me back

• Umi • kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Very Nice photo - nya!! *¬*

Yuffie_Suzume that's awesome.. i dont think i would ever want my cosplay clothes to get wet ..

Muralasa just beautiful! =D

Shina ;____; I always start to cry when I see that scene ;________;

Elsch Wonderful shot! ^^

Ironekilz Wow, great picture and the cg is so fluid it's hard to tell it's not the real background!

Esneka I love the pic <33

misawawa now i feel like crying :(

neoangelwink wow inpress of ^_^

-E-Chan- that ist such a nice idea.... well done

CelestialAurora wow! awesome Aeris and Cloud pic! ^^

AmazonMandy Very nice shot!

Knightfall I can't believe that I didn't comment on the original. You have my utmost respect for doing this. Excellent work. ^_^

Scruffy Rebel so fantastic! I want to cry ;_; you guys are great ^^

neoPootling tight cg.

Jenward_1911 wow it really looks real!!

yukilefay wow!! o.o

Jedi Knight This is perhaps one of the best photos I have ever seen! First prize to you two!

Yukari Kaiba this is absolutely amazing! its like straight from Advent Children XD you two look awesome :D

Raver-Sakura That is stunningly beautiful hun, you two make a wonderful cloud and Aeris <3

Miss_Kaoru I love when people take photos like this that are reflections of the series/ or video game from where they came, beautiful job!

Ilta-Aurinko This is just.. beautiful ! I love this picture, great job! ^_^