Family Cosplay AX'03

Family Cosplay AX'03

This is Karisu's family, from our AX'03 Masquerade entry "The War is Never Over" (a tiny little sequel to the Escaflowne TV series.) I made all the costumes. We had fun. ^^ [In this pic my daughters are 12 and 8, and Dilandau is....."15"! :P ]

Meruru, Van, Dilandau, Chesta
The Vision of Escaflowne
Dilandau Albatou
15 years ago

kyandi-chan I am suprised by the overwhelming amount of cuteness...well not suprised..but it is late..and AWWWWWW MERLE! Dilandau looks simply eviiiil

Sarcasm-hime Your family is sooooooo cute. XD

positivespace Oh man, I can totally see that photo blown up and hanging over your fireplace... awesome!!

sailor-moon ::falls over and dies from cute-ness:: ^___________^

ParnsAngel Oh I love it!!! What a great group! The costumes are amazing and you all look stunning in them too ^_^ Waaah, your Merle is adorable!!!! ^_^

FlameSniperRei *o* so awesome!!!!!!!

Romann OMG! That is so cute! The costumes are very well done, Karisu-sama! I wish I was there to see the skit!

SohjiroX I still cant grasp how much they look like the characters, and how great the costumes are....such well done work. I wonder what next family progect they will do.

Farmboybob I'd have to agree with positivespace. You need to hang that pic up somewhere, your family is awesome. I wish my family was half as involved as you guys.

tabifu oooooh...that really is so cute. ^^ I hope when I get married and have kids we can do such dorky-fun/cute things.

Chibi Bunni I know Mizujin...XD And the Merle is Absolutely Adorable! ^.^

Watcher Wow! :o Are you adopting? ;) If not, do you take requests for costumes? I'm talent-challenged when it comes to sewing, but you . . . you are blessed. :)

Elvenwolf Lil Merle is so kawaii! :D Wonderful costumes ^^

Queen Anime 99 Oh my god! That is soo cute!

Charlie-chan aww! your family is so cute! X3 its so cool that your entire family is cosplayin otakus! awesome costumes as always!

Asmaria You know, I don't think I've ever commented on you and your family's cosplay. I really should have. You guys really are great and look just like your characters. *_* It's awesome, especially the armor and props! I finally got to see the whole series, so I came back to oogle at all the nifty photos. XD

ladywyntir now that's quality family time! ^_^ looks like so much fun! wonderful costumes all around.

Kozispoon oooh my gosh X3 I saw you guys and actually got ot speak to you for a bit before taking your family picture. Your whole family is utterly adorable, its really awsome you all get into your characters and have fun like this together. It was a real pleasure meeting you even if only for a couple seonds

Blue Sasarai u have such a beautiful family ^^ great job u guys

Vicky How adorable!

Kumi-chan Cutest. Merle. EVER. And I love the manic look on your face. Superb. I wish MY Van would get as into his role as yours does.

tanpopomnobaka totally AWESOME!! i hope i can do that with my family some day :3

SkippingSith Eeee! Why can't my family do this!? Great job!

frozenlilacs Hah, your daughter is so cute! That's cool your family can do that.

Shin_ANBU That's awesome, Awesome job with the Cosplay. You get major Kudos.

Kamatari-san WOW!! That looks so great!!

simonsaz3 Wow, awesome job! =)

Shinteetah Beautiful. I wanted to do a Dilandau, but now I see there would be no point.... :-)

LadySane You have got to be the best mom in the world, no doubt about it. Maaaaad, mad props to you for making all those costumes-- completely gorgeous, and you all look fantastic.

Nightengale37 Wow! Family cosplays are awesome and you all look very good. You are the cool mom!

ichigo-chan7 awww family cosplay.......will you adopt me? *puppy eyes*

Ex-S Cosplayer wow, a family cosplay? Thats awesome, I can't say that I've seen too many of those, and your cosplays are all outstanding! REally awesome job :)

Winterlaurel *GREAT* costumes, and Merle looks darling. :D

The Major Talk about family enterprise. xD Great work! ^^d You can even do the "Dilandau-grin" perfectly. ^^ Awesome!

animetomboy you all look so great! such a cute family!! <3