"P|-|34r |\/|3", or "I DO have an Esca nose, oh yeah..."

"P|-|34r |\/|3", or "I DO have an Esca nose, oh yeah..."

Oh, but AX'03 was such LOADS of fun.... but the convention center didn't go up in flames after all... I - uh, Dilandau - musta gotten distracted by SohjiroX cosplaying "Van who lost the battle"... :p ~_____^
Yeah, those ARE my kids in the background.... and that IS my real nose.... :/

Dilandau Albatou
The Vision of Escaflowne
Dilandau Albatou
15 years ago

TsubasaNoKami ITS DILANDAU!!

digikoomi this is so good O.O !!!!

hellbelle Looks great!

Karisu-sama Armor: Celluclay over a base shape (in this case, made of plastic collander portions and & cardboard.) Much sanding & spackle involved as well. This is Armor Version #1; I'm still looking into alternatives.

positivespace Holy motherfriction... that... you... it... everything... looks great.

kyandi-chan whoa. amazingly perfect

Eclipse180 O_o;; Wow........

Caryn O____O You ARE Dilandu. And yes, you do have the Esca nose!! *worships* That armor is so perfect. Hell, EVERYTHING is so perfect.

rpd_girl holy crap holy crap..... you are DILANDAU. you go girl... that is so awesome.. best pic ever. And so candid... I love candid pics!

otakutre Eee. ::: worships :::

Nine WOW! That's such a wicked, wicked dilandau costume. *loves the armour*

Malon HOLY MONKEY POO! You are Dilandau. No. Really. You ARE Dilandau. EVERYONE RUN! lol

Rhianwen Ooh...that's awesome! Everything about it...perfection! The armour, the hair, the expression...just, wow. ^_^

Mink I love the nose...you even managed to have the esca nose that is so trademark. Escaflowne is one of my fave series (my boyfriends very fave)and you totally do the character justice. <-----understatement of the year.

DigitalCactus Simply amazing! Karisu! I had no Idea! WOW Your costume is uber-licious! *slaps himself for not looking in here before*

The-Real-Link I like all the detail you put into the vest part rimmed with the gold lining. The hair and headband are also very well...Ok now that I stare at it again, everything looks well done! You should be happy :)

Queen Anime 99 OH MY GOD...I WANT YOUR AUTOGRAPH! ::faints::

Starlit Rose Wow, that's so incredible! You have such the perfect face for Dilandu! That's so awesome. XD Excellent costume, and everything. o_O

Flowery Whoooooah. O_o; You look... EXACTLY like him! It's perfect. ^_^* Geez - much better than any guy could pull off! (maybe that's because he looks so feminine... ^^; )

TsukiGuujin DUDE, that is the best Dilandau costume ever. As I've told you before, you're the bestest Dilandau. And the bestest Trinity. ^^

Olivia awwwwwwwwwwwwww what a pretty smile! :) I love your armor. It looks great :D

Ambrosia Karisu... wow, we need to run into you if we do our Escaflowne group again. You make the perfect Dilly! And what's an Esca group without him? =P

bright_Zanya Cool!!! awesome costume!!! * 0 *

faye-chan Oh my dear god, THAT IS Dilandau from Escaflowne. The nose, the sharp features. Even the pale skin...if anyone has great cosplay look alike to their anime characters, you are the ONLY one who can pull that off.. *me is not worthy....me bows before Karisu-sama'

WildSpice Wow O_O!! You ARE Dilandau! I just started the series and Dilandau is my favorite character hands down, you did him justice and that makes me wanna cry due to how good it it!! ^_~

Charlie-chan you make the coolest Dilly-sama! *glomps* such awesome armor 2

Angiechu OMG OMG OMG wow, that is one of the best costumes I've ever seen! I love Dilandau, and you did such an amazing job with this costume! You look just like Dilly! I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

TerukiHolic Omg... You did this SO WONDERFULLY. *stares*... *saves* ...How did you do his shoulder armor? T~T You look so very much like Dilandau, especially your nose! xD *kudoskudos*

SheikLockhart you are the perfect Dilly >w< you have his nose! Very awesome costume by the way!

Diagnosed Holy mother of pearl that is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!

KatsuyaTsubasa This has to be the best Dilandau I have ever seen! And you have the Esca-nose, even more amazing *bows*

Katsumerioko -Worships your great costume and your chest binding abilitys-

shirogami520 I still think you are the best Dilandau I ever seen! AX03 was my first year and I can't believe I actually saw you there. I asked for a hug and was prolly scared if you were going to kill me since you were cosplaying the character. xD;; Yeah it's been almost 3 years but fun time though! =D OMG You DO have a esca nose! O_o!!

Zashi *Worship awesome cosplay* I just started getting into Esca Flowne...and Its like...he really came to life! I also remember the Cosplay event at AX 2003...."Cheek..." *_* It was really superb.

simonsaz3 OMG, maaaaad propz! =)

Twilightbait You are without a doubt the best Dilandau ever. Teh fricken squee.

neoangelwink coool ^_^

Prota-Girl You inspired me so much to make a Dilandau cosplay, only prob is I`m not sure on how to start. ^^;;; You made it look so easy XD Do you have any tips?

Karisu-sama Tips (for this, or any costume): 1) Measure the heck out of your reference artwork in order to draft your pattern or modify an existing one (and adjust it as necessary conform to a real human body instead of a drawing. :p ) 2) Make a mockup of the whole thing (minor trim details not necessary), in similar weight fabric(s). 3) Tailor your mockup until it fits exactly to your specifications. 4) Take your mockup apart and use it as your pattern. 5) Try it on a LOT and be prepared to make sewing adjustments as necessary, even if the mockup did fit well. 6) Do a trial run of wearing your entire costume, makeup and all, before you wear it at a con. That way you can make any changes you see may be necessary.

Ex-S Cosplayer Very true, great suggestions. Your costumes are truly magnificent! I bow to your amazingness :D

The Major Dilandau-sama conquers all! O_O This costume is incredible! And the nose... made of win and Esca. xD

Arakhne This costume is a-freaking-mazing. Awesome and drool-inducing all around. At the moment, I'm really loving that wig. It's got the 'every strand in the perfect place' look. ._. You're my hero.

maggifan wow! you look so awesome!

helixmoon You are my hero! ... Er, villain!

Viveeh So hot!!