Hey, yo, Millenia...

Hey, yo, Millenia...


I don't actually have a major preference for either coupling; both MilleniaxRyudo and ElenaxRyudo are adorable, but I'm cosplaying as Elena, therefore...whatever. :3

Picture of me as Elena from Grandia II in her epilouge costume at Otakon 2005. ^_^

Photo by The-Real-Link.

Grandia II
Elena *epilouge style*
13 years ago

Kaoru27Umi that outfit is way too cool! ^_^

Lady Mana Why is Elena mad at Ryudo *this* time? XDD I just love this outfit and all the pretty details *__* awesomes!

Maryslittlelamb wow i love the details in this costume! ur soo cutie ^__^

Ononoke Aww! What a cute costume! You did an awesome job.

LaylaCosplay Really nice dress!!

Plueschtier Wow, great! Nice details *-*

Rynn You iz so gangsta.

Jaquii Rynn- Don I know it, homee gee.

athena-chan I love all the detail on this... omg amazing!

The-Real-Link LOL @ gansta comments. Fo shizzle yo.

HyperrrMouse Beautiful!!!! It's just a fantastic costume!

LionBoogy Yo chowda-D, dun'cha be snappin' up mah back like a crayzee chimpanzee, ya! Best yuu be sittin' yah fat tookus down on yah haynee befah I cut yu down with mah BOOMSTICK! Daz right! Fo'sho fo'sho~!

manaxmana I love the details! yay for gangsta pose too :D

Jaquii Lion Boogy~ bro, why you be breakin ballaz? I jus be standin roun here and you all up in mah face? What cho hatin fo?? ........... I just can't come back from a comment like that... Dang, Lionel, your comments always ownerz me!!! XD!!!!

Senshinobi Hehe, even Millenias would have been terrified seeing you like that. I loved Grandia 2 so much and let me tell you that you make a perfect Elena! The details on that costume are so awesome! I'm so impressed by that staff and that leather you used. Fantastic job! b^.^d

neoangelwink this is so cute ^_^

Albel-Nox wow the dress is awesome *-* very detailed, that rocks so much... *furry huggles*

Che_bah The detail on this is just fantastic!!

Hanami woow thats an amazing costume ^_^

simonsaz3 Great cosplay!! =)

Millenia133 This cosplay is just awesome its so beautiful, but...: RYUDO IS MINE DID YOU HEAR THAT AND HOW YOU DARE TO CALL ME "BITCH"?! ^^

Kacey You. Look. Possessed. XD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. <3