Iron Mouse Chillin'

Iron Mouse Chillin'

A full-shot of this costume, will have more pics up later! This costume was so much fun to wear but rather tedious to make since I had to do my own pattern for the entire top...I like how it turned out though! This is definately one of my overall favorite costumes because 1) it's adorable, 2) it fits just right, 3) one of my best craftsmanships to date considering it was handsewn. I lovers it! Chuuu!

Sailor Iron Mouse (Manga Ver.)
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Sailor Iron Mouse
Sailor Iron Mouse
12 years ago

Psyposer So far the best Iron Mouse i've saw!!! O_O" Oh my, it suits you REALLY well ^^~

mercure haha very cute ^0^

WorstActionHero Very nice indeed!

Shinigami_Mimi Awwwww, that's super cute. ^^

Minako Aino So cute ^^

Rynn You are so adorable and talented in every way! : )

ayanamilisa thats adorable

dandelionswish cute ^_^ really nice lighting

Sporkstress Oh man, you're just too awesome! You make such an ADORABLE Iron Mouse! <3

Evrdream You make a really great Iron Mouse. So cute. ^^

Odango Your costume is absolutely brilliant!

AJ Angelique OMFREAKING! I love your boots! The two things that can really make or break an Iron Mouse costume are the wig and the boots. Both of your look just awesome it just make me want to cry *weeps*

Admiral_Cecil Very kawaii and smexy too. Loved the designs and all white colors makes ya so purdy.

neoPootling cute pose ^^ the shot is very very nice ^^

Usakochan Waaa! >3< You make such a cute iron mouse!

palchan The best Iron Mouse I ever seen ^^/ OMG! Soo cute!!! I'll do this cosplay next winter =D